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SUVs Benefit From Body Kits Too

2015/1/7 14:10:13      view:1495

Mention the word body kit to a car guy and the image which springs to mind are big air dams, spoilers and side skirts that are available for most popular cars out on the streets. Theres no question that when it comes to personalizing a car, body kits rival non-OEM paint jobs and custom wheels in lending a unique look to your pride and joy.

Depending on the owner, custom body kits can dramatically alter the appearance of any car, truck or SUV, with the effect of transforming staid, mass-production cars into one-of-a-kind cars. There are many vendors who actually make universal body kits that are adaptable to a wide range of cars. Most often, these would be rear wings or spoilers, because these can be made to fit a huge variety of vehicles, unlike air dams or side skirts that have to have specific lengths, widths and cutouts to suit a specific car model. Even chin spoiler extensions would look better if they were designed for a specific car. One exception are the winglets or canards that are used for grip or time attack cars. Unless you can take your car to a wind tunnel to evaluate the effects of an aero package, front winglets can generally be interchangeably made to work for street cars.

Unsurprisingly, the popularity of SUVs worldwide has compelled automotive tuning and design houses to design body kits for this most popular segment of the automotive market. High-end design houses who produce custom body kits for SUVs even have kits that comprise more than a dozen pieces. Included in this kit would be new front bumpers with large air intakes cutouts, LED DRLs (daytime running lights), fender extensions for the front and rear wheel wells, side skirts, a rear apron, a diffuser, tailpipe extensions, spoiler and even window frame trim pieces. With such a kit painted to the body color of your SUV, youll have a vehicle thats truly uniquely yours.

When choosing a customization kit, do a little research before spending your money. There are many materials and manufacturing methods that are used to make body kits. Custom body shops will not use anything but steel, although these kinds of body modifications are more often than not one-off jobs that cost tens of thousands of dollars. What were talking about are kits that are produced in the hundreds if not thousands in terms of quantity. Nowadays, materials for body kits are commonly made from fiberglass or carbon fiber. Fiberglass is a lot cheaper and with proper care in manufacturing, can be made to approximate the finish of carbon fiber. Unfortunately, carbon fiber nowadays is so popular that to use fiberglass is almost a no-no. However, well-made fiberglass body parts done well and painted properly will still give your car a custom look.

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