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Make an Impact With Stylish Motorcycle Helmets

2015/1/7 14:07:53      view:1278

Wearing helmets isn’t just always about unwillingly adhering to laws. In fact, people from all walks of life and age groups seem to have become more cautious about their safety on the road. In the past few years, the cases of fatal injuries involving motor vehicles have increased due to incomplete or inappropriate biking gear. This fact has made people extra cautious while riding. However, it’s not always that simple to obtain the appropriate gear. Motorcycle gear retail stores have such a large variety available that it can be overwhelming. It is quite complicated to choose the best one according to your requirements. And many riders don’t live near a large retail supplier of gear so they have to turn to online sources instead. Let’s go through couple of motorcycle helmets available on the market today and figure out the key factors to acknowledge before buying them.

? DOT motorcycles helmets are some of the most popular helmet types available today. These types of helmets usually include varieties of both half and full face. They are given ‘DOT’ title after passing the standards set forth by the Department of Transportation rendering them quality protection for riders. These helmets are considered to be safer than their counterparts as they are built with inner liners and the strongest outer shells. Most people buy DOT certified helmets. DOT standards are used during biker safety courses which has increased rider awareness of such standards, and in turn, boosted the sales.

? Another type of helmet that is popular is the full face. These cover the entire face and head to avoid any exposure. They are built with a thick shell and inner liner to offer trusted protection to the bike riders. It comes with a face mask that allows bikers to have proper air circulation. Full face helmets can be very stylish and equally safe.

? Half helmets are the most popular helmets among bike riders throughout the world. Half helmets, as the name suggests, cover only a half portion of the head. These helmets sit on the head of the rider and extend to their ears. They are strapped to the chin and come in various different sizes and styles. They are considered to be more stylish and offer a sense of independence to bike riders which is probably that’s why they are so famous among them.

? Modular helmets are quite identical to full face helmets and their features. The only major difference is the front portion that is easily shifted upwards. This leaves the front portion exposed leading to more air circulation and ventilation than the full face helmet can provide.

? Finally, we have the novelty helmets. These are identical to half helmets in style and features. They are comparatively smaller because of their lesser inner liner. They are often cheaply made, not certified, and offer almost no protection during accidents. The only exceptions are the novelty helmets that are DOT certified.

After learning so much about popular helmets and features, you can easily pick your helmet according to your style and requirements.